Friday, December 5, 2008

Some of my Favourite books

I m not a very aggressive reader, but i love buying and collecting good books which are of my interest. Earlier, i used to read some novels once in a while, but just around an year ago , i got hold of the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. I had heard a lot about the book and i got curious about it, and i wanted to read it. So, finally i bought the book one day. It is pretty small b unlike the other novels which are thick.

Before i tell anything further, i would like to add here that i was a kind of person who was quite negative about life, and after reading the book something changed for me drastically, which i will mention as we go on.

I started reading and it was the story about a shepherd who wanders all over the ranches and the green mountains with this sheep who loves to travel to new places. He chooses to be a sheperd since he loved to be free like the wind without any constraints or worries, travelling wherever his heart takes him and he learnt new things. He always got one recurrent dream which disturbed him , which was about he finding hidden treasure in the Egyptian deserts, but he could do nothing about the dream which disturbed him so much.

As he kept travelling, one day he met a tarot card reader who after listening to his dream, predicts that his dream will come true and asked him to follow his dream. He doesn't give it much thought but after travelling some more, he meets an old king who tells him the same thing what the tarot card reader predicted. The old king guides him and tells the shepherd to believe in himself and believe in the dream and go find the treasure in the Egyptian deserts.

He finally gets enrolled and sets out to achieve his dream but faces a lot of obstacles on the way . The old king had told him one golden truth " If you really set out to achieve something , the whole universe conspires into you acheiving it" . The shepherd did not understand what that exactly meant but as he went on in search of the treasure, he fails many times but the universe always pushes him towards his dream and he finally gets the treasure.

I was so inspired by the book that i started believing that if i really want something i can always get it.. only it depends on how badly u really want it!!After reading this book one thing i really got was i stopped being negative in life and about things .

I loved the book so much that i stopped reading novels which are not as inspiring and started reading books which can instill confidence in me. And i suggest anyone who has not read this book read it!!!

One thing i got present to after reading the book is anything and everything in the world communicates!!! I really mean that.. For the first time you get present to the fact that language is not the only means of communication as what a human being is bound to think. The lightning and thunder of the clouds communicate it wil rain. The blossoming of the flowers, the chirping of the birds communicate it is spring season, the rise in your body temperature communicates that u have fever and something might be wrong with your body and you need rest. So, basically if u really think every damn thing in the world communicates.

I started realising the power of communication when i happened to read the book called " THE SECRET". This book just changed the way i interpret things and i got present to the fact that life is beautiful, only we make it difficult and a struggle.

Now this book has become my recent favourite.This book is called the secret basically because it reveals the secret of why you are where you are and why you have things that you have. It deals with something called as the LAW OF ATTRACTION. The law of Attraction is just as powerful and real as the law of gravity. It is just so there.Whether you know it, believe it or not , agree or is at play all the time .

The secret is " U r so powerful that u have attracted the kind of friends that u have, the kind of life that u r leading, the amount of money u have, the amount of success u have , the quality of life u have". Basically " U HAVE EVERYTHING U ASKED FOR " only u do not know that. As u read the book you will realise how this statement is so true and indeed you have things what u asked for ... If u caused all the bad things to be present in your life, you can cause or u have caused good things in your life. So basically you are at the source of all the happiness and sorrows, since you have attracted them to you...

As i was reading i realised it is absolutely true that what ever i communicated to the universe is what i got in return. I really got that i am truly powerful and i can attract anything i want in this universe if i am intentional about having it.

It is wise to get present to the communication of the universe and recognise the signs that warn us or lead us to our goal.The communication of your conscious/ sub conscious thoughts ( either positive or negative ) is so powerful that it actually paves the way for them to happen..

Next time when you are thinking be careful of what you are saying to yourself because in reality thoughts become things whether you like it or not. If this is the power communication then it can be considered as one of the most powerful things in the world and you can cause absolutely anything.

My Take on communication being one of the most powerful things:

The best example i could take is Obama , the current president of US.Obama won the Presidential elections because of his communication to the world, to himself and to the universe..The world was taken by surprise since he was the first black guy to become President of US.

The quicker we get present to the fact that communication can cause wonderd, we can make this world a better place to live in.Aftet knowing the secret of success is communication, i have taken it on. I agree it might not be so easy , but someone has to start somewher to make a difference..

So i started communicating to the universe about i want rather than what i do not want. In the book "The Alchemist" the saying " If u really want something, the whole universe conspires into u achieving it " is so true..

The power of communication is that u have have any amount of wealth you want by being intentional about really having it and you wil see a thousand ways the universe wil be at play to make you reach your goal. But one more thing which is true is " WHAT YOU RESIST WILL PERSIST"

. It is so inspiring!!! I recommended 20-25 of my friends to read it and all of them loved it... Through this blog i want to communicate please read the book " The Secret by Rhonda Bryne" .... You wil be amazed to know the power you have what u can cause in your life!!